ONLINE  Appointments 

FaceTime ~ Zoom Training and Coaching  


Time to TRAIN  via technology.. pretty cool right? 

It's super easy, you and I can work together 1 time, 3 times or 10 times..

whatever meets your needs to REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS. 


4 Options below... 


LIVE *Personal Training

LIVE *TRX Suspension Training

LIVE *Fitness Coaching

LIVE *Nutritional Coaching 



30 minutes for $40.00 via PayPal 

*Personal Training

required.. either phone/ laptop or iPad/Tablet

Equipment ~  dumbbells, bands or your own gym


*TRX Suspension Training using TRX Suspension Straps



*Fitness Coacing

are you already training and just need to update or talk about 

what you are doing or possibly need a few tweaks with your training?  

 What if you've not trained in years? but need that


Lets chat and see what we can come up with together to get

you  BACK into Fitness.  Then Fitness Coaching is for you!

*Nutritional Coaching

not sure what you're doing? 

Need a little guidance?  

Need just a tad tweaking?

Then this one is for you! 








Once you Purchase your SESSION, we'll set up your time.  Please have

your workout area ready to go go go ...


I use a timer for these sessions and I'll let you know when we have

5 minutes left.   You have to option to buy another 30 minutes if you

want to go longer.  


contact me here after your purchase or at

LET'S GET STARTED... wooo'hooooo!