SKYPE / Face Time Appointments 

SKYPE/FaceTime Training and Coaching  


you probably have many fitness videos, subscribe to monthly LiVE Group Fitness Classes where you "follow" the leader but no one actually sees YOU to help you or CORRECT your movement and the same goes for alllll Youtube fitness videos.

Maybe you purchased an online training package where you follow a basic generic workout that is NOT a "1 Size Fits ALL" workout and that workout is  just not for YOU??? 


now YOU want something Personal that is for YOU, for your fitness level, someone to HELP you acheive your Nutritional Needs, right? 


 YOU can train with one of the Top Personal Trainers on the

East Coast and that would be Me 


You and I can work together 1 time, 3 times or 10 times..

whatever meets your needs to REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS. 


you have 4 Options 


LIVE *Personal Training

LIVE *TRX Suspension Training

LIVE *Fitness Coaching

LIVE *Nutritional Coaching 


You also have 2 appointment options paid via PayPal

30 minutes for $35.00

60 minutes for $65.00


*Personal Training

required.. either laptop or iPad/Tablet

(phones do not work well with training)

works best in your HOME using dumbbells or

if you have a own gym


*TRX Suspension Training using TRX Suspension Straps

learn the BASICS and PROGRESS from there


*Fitness Coacing

are you already training and just need to update or talk about 

what you are doing or possibly need a few tweaks with your training?  

 What if you've not trained in years? but need that KICK IN THE BUTT TO GET GOING again?   Lets chat and see what we can come up with together to get you  BACK into Fitness.  Then Fitness Coaching is for you!

*Nutritional Coaching

not sure what you're doing? 

Need a little guidance?  

need just a tad tweaking?

Then this one is for you! 


SKYPE Training/Consults are  so easy. 

You're at home while taking action, making the necessary changes you
need to become YOUR BEST YOU. ...


keep scrolling down ;-)







Once you Purchase your SESSION.. 

 now what right?  


well, First I need you to do 1 thing..


#1 -  EMAIL me your SKYPE contact name at

and I will ADD you to my Skype Contact list.    Then with email, we'll schedule your appointment (s) . 



I advise Skype clients to have ready, a list of questions so we can get move'n right away.  


Clients who want to go over workouts like, "Am I doing this dumbbell movement right?" etc, will need to use either an iPad / tablet or computer since it's hard going over workouts on the phone. Skype area should be set up before we connect so you don't lose time adjusting the screen or having to go gather your equipment.  


I also ask you to send me a few of the questions you are thinking about asking so I know which direction we are moving in before we begin the 30 or 60 minute session.    


I use a timer for these sessions and I let the client know when we have 5 minutes left and we'll determine from there if that session was enough  or we may schedule another one that week or talk about another session for the following month, etc.  


contact me here after your purchase  or at




LET'S GET STARTED... wooo'hooooo! 

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