Fitness Flunky to Personal Trainer

I went from being 60 pounds overweight (3 times), smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and NEVER working out, (certainly a FITNESS FLUNKY) to becoming “FIT” and believe me….it was a JOURNEY that became my GOAL and I was going to make it MY REALITY!!!

I was the “FAT GIRL” in the gym where NO ONE helped me when I was doing everything WRONG with training, with using the equipment or even how to “train” my a muscle group…GRRRRR! SO I promised myself that one day, I would TRAIN ALLL THE GIRLS in the gym to show them proper technique and TEACH them to train themselves.

You can say my Career picked ME. First I became a Group Fitness Instructor teaching aerobics at local schools then I got many certifications to be a PERSONAL TRAINER.

I still love training clients for 35+ years now. From Strength Coach in a High School, training Elite Gymnasts, Male/Female competitive BodyBuilders/Power Lifters. The last 19 years I’ve specialize in Training Women. WOMEN want to learn everything yesterday… key word, LEARN! uuuuuh, no more debating men.. sorry guys but ya'll know it all in the gym, NOT! t'hehe

Ya know, I always Believed that if I can be successful at losing the weight, training my body, ANYONE CAN !!! I like to say. BECOMING FIT can be done with focus, dedication and determination.

I started this blog to share my experiences so hang on, some blogs may be serious, some blogs may be fun, some super personal and some blogs may have a lot of “bitching” go’in on, and and and you’ll get a few workouts too.

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xoxoxo Suanne

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