Basic Workout  Beginner to Intermediate 

Warm up 10 minutes before training.
Cool down and stretch after training.

*Remember to work the largest muscle group first, then go on to another body part.
*Train each muscle group completely before going on to another.

*Train with INTENSITY with seconds between sets - or-
*Take approximately 30 to 60 seconds recovery between each set if you need it.
*Work each muscle group two times in 7 days 
*Train at a steady pace and try to have 48 to 72 hours between muscle groups.

Sample exercises…


  • Squats or leg press
    Leg extensions
    Leg curls
    Abduction and adduction (inner/outer thigh)
    Calf raises
    Lunges- stationary (split squat) or reverse moving/walking



  • Bent over Barbell rows or Dumbbell rows
    Pulldowns in the front of neck (overhand grip or reverse grip)
    Seated  row
    Straight arm pulldown



  • Flat bench/machine press or dumbbell press
    Incline/machine bench press or dumbbell press
    Pec-dec machine or dumbbell fly’s or push-ups



  • Seated military press (with bar or machine)
    Seated dumbbell press
    Front dumbbell raises
    Dumbbell side lateral raises or lateral machine raises
    Compound raises (front and side raises combined)
    Upright rows


  • Standing straight bar curls or e-z bar curls
    Seated dumbbell curls or hammer curls
    Standing cable curls or seated preacher curls with bar or cable



  • Standing pushdowns with rope or bar
    Kickbacks (seated)
    Seated overhead cable extensions
    Overhead dumbbell extensions (seated) one arm or double arm

MOBIE may not see schedule in order.. See LAPTOP for Schedule

 Training Day OPTIONS to FIT your Schedule


4 day routine
Day #1      Day #2     OFF   Day #3     Day#4                
Legs          Chest                 Legs         Chest
Back          Shoulders           Back         Shoulders
Biceps       Triceps                Biceps      Triceps

3 day routine
Day #1     OFF     Day #2     OFF         Day #3         
Legs                    Back                      Legs        
Chest                  Chest                     Back
Shoulders            Shoulders               Biceps
Triceps                Biceps                    triceps

2 day routine
Day #1              off     off   Day #2                     
Legs, Back
Chest, Shoulders              Same as day #1
Biceps & Triceps
(all 6 muscle groups)

Wk #1:  start slowly with 1 or 2 sets of one exercise per muscle group (except legs do 2) with 10 to 15 reps

Wk #2:  increase by adding 1 set-now doing 3 sets of one exercise per muscle group

Wk #3: increase with a second exercise-now you should be doing 2 exercises per muscle group. 
(Legs you can be doing 3 or 4 exercises now)

Wk #4:  now it's time to increase the weight only if you can complete all sets with all reps with ease.

Wk #5:  it may be time to add some new exercises or revise the old ones.  

If you have any questions, any time, about your training  



Pick your workout schedule, i.e.; 2 day, 4 day

Pick your exercises; if you are only training 2 days a week, I suggest you train your whole body each day with 1 exercise per body part.  But it you are going to train more than one day, then you can pick 2 exercises per body part.  A much harder workout for sure and not a bad idea to do this now and again anyway.  This will take longer in the gym than the other 2-day schedule.  

Plan a circuit or a cardio circuit. Try the treadmill for 10 minutes, weights, bike for 10 minutes, weights, elliptical for 10 minutes then weights one more time.  

Pick an exercise, do 3 sets then do 1 set of abs with lots of reps then continue onto the next exercise and so on with abs in-between.  You’ll get 6+sets of abs with lots of reps in there.

Pick your exercise and do 1 set with a decent weight for 15 reps, NEXT set go heavier for 10 to 12 reps, NEXT set go a little heavier if the last set was doable, and try to get 8 to 10 reps......I
F you don’t feel fatigued after the 3rd set, DO 1 MORE SET WITH THE SAME WEIGHT or go lighter.


SAFETY FIRST, TRAIN SMART and Listen to your body. 

REST is BEST if you're not feeling well. 

I suggest and encourage ALLL my clients to get a Medical Clearence from your family doc before begining a Fitness Program .