PERSONAL TRAINING Private One on One for Women


PRIVATE Personal Training at my facility


Pack of 5 sessions  - $ Savings 

(up to one hour each) = $400.00


1 session (up to one hour) = $90.00


 TRX Suspension Training    

PRIVATE 1 on 1 
30 minutes $40.00
30 minute ONLINE $50.00

in Person or SEE ONLINE for details 

This coaching program offers my knowledge, feedback, guidance and support.  But we do not train together.  Have you dropped OUT of fitness but need to get back?
This program is for 2 kinds of people, the “active exerciser” who has been working out for some time but getting little or no results.  With a little education and fine-tuning, these people begin to see excellent results.  OR, if you USE to workout, be active and want to get back into it, lets chat and see what we can come up with to get you back into fitness.
30 minute session $50.00
30 minute ONLINE $65.00

ONLINE Training - TRX - Nutrition - Tune Up
TRAINING and COACHING clients all over the US & locally....very cool!

ONLINE makes it so easy for you and me to train/sit in your home taking action, making the necessary changes you need to BECOME your Best YOU! 

Schedule your 30 minutes with me via FaceTime or ZOOM...We can discuss and PLAN your FITNESS program and your NUTRITION (lets work on those MACROS together)


Live one-on-one Training and Coaching

30 minutes  ONLINE $50.00 




















* Nutrition MAKEOVER

One time or can be WEEKLY/MONTHLY purchase to get your "Basic" Nutrition. 

 See where you may be making a few wrong choices .  We'll work together to find Balance in your choices/meals,  give you some Snack and Meal Ideas too.  

Weekly or Monthly Appointments are perfect for revamping your meals for weight loss.  


Nutrition MAKEOVER

$50.00 for One  30 minute FaceTime  or ZOOM 

 Nutrition Makeover



 * Nutrition MAKEOVER