About Suanne

It became clear to me that Health and Fitness would be my destiny.  
Not just to “get fit” but to “TEACH FIT.”

My name is Suanne Rieker and I LOVE WHAT I DO!

In 1975 after the birth of my daughter, I could hardly walk. Spinal Spondylolisthesis was 
my diagnosis.  In 1980, after many failed attempts at exercise, I was able to establish my own 
fitness program by lifting weights. By stabilizing my spine, I could train each muscle group 
safely. Unfortunately, my vertebrae would still slip forward during any attempt at cardio, 
putting me flat on my back. Being a widow with a small daughter I could not afford to be laid 

In 1982 I had a spinal fusion and after eight weeks flat and three months in a brace I began 
a walking program. I read books on training and nutrition, lost 60 pounds and with my new 
“stable spine,” got certified to teach aerobics.  I have been running since the age of 
38…because I can.  I have been a Personal Trainer for over 30 years and have been training.

in the gym 37 years. I’m a former YMCA Physical Director and since 1998, I've been the owner

of my PRIVATE Personal Training Studio.

In 2011 I had a 4 level FORAMINOTOMY in my neck (C4-5-6-7) with bone removed to open up nerve 
channels so I could regain the full use of my left arm.

After many years of training high school athletes and adults, I now focus all my energy into 
training women.  FITNESS CHANGED MY LIFE!  MY career found Me and met my husband in a 
gym. I teach and preach to whomever will listen so they, too, can enjoy living a HEALTHY FIT




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